SICK OF MYSELF: Designer Furniture on Film

Sick of Myself is a jet black comedy from Norwegian director, Kristoffer Borgoli. The film follows perhaps the most unbearable couple ever committed to screen, Signe and Thomas; constantly competitive, eye-rollingly sucking the life out of every party conversation with their self-aggrandising personal anecdotes about their mostly-average life. That is, until Thomas achieves minor fame with his sculptures made from stolen designer sofas. Signe is furious and intensely jealous, so she begins to make herself sick, both physically & increasingly mentally.

But it is Thomas's stolen furniture that 'steals' the movie for us. Their Oslo apartment is crowded with Ekstrem lounge chairs by Terje Ekstrem, Joe Colombo Elda armchairs, Verner Panton Lamps & Wassily Chairs by Marcel Breuer.

In one scene Signe & Thomas steal a piece of a Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini from an art opening - walking drunkingly down the street carrying the sofa. In another Thomas enters a designer furniture showroom and is arrested when the staff recogonise him from a magazine shoot where he brags about 'finding' & 'taking' the furniture used in his shows.

Sick of Myself is, for all the dark themes and unsettling imagery, deeply watchable – a perfectly executed black comedy accompanied by humorously viscious counter-culture commentary that cannot be overlooked. That it is both horrifying and entrancing, funny and sickening all at once, perfectly punctures the victimhood-for-likes narrative so often depicted in modern culture. 

Sick of Myself is Now Showing at Cinema Nova.