Being comfortable in our homes is vital to the pursuit of happiness. Domestic Fantasies is a specialty vintage furniture store launched by Courtney DeWitt and Corine Auzou to celebrate their passion for 20th-century design and share one-of-a-kind treasures. In addition to furniture, Domestic Fantasies offer stylish homewares, lighting and objets du Jour from both local designers and far away places.

Domestic Fantasies believe that everyone should have access to great design and long lasting furniture. Unfortunately, we live in an age where well crafted, ethical furniture is well beyond most people’s budgets and the ‘fast furniture’ alternatives are morally questionable and aesthetically unpleasing. Domestic Fantasies offers beautifully crafted products at affordable prices with a recycle and up-cycle ethos. Domestic Fantasies hope to make your dream couch or must have lamp a homebound reality!