The Beauty of Cinematic Floorplans: Iconic Film Sets in Watercolour with Floor Plan Croissant.

Floor Plan Croissant is a project by Bulgarian architect Boryana Ilieva. The project was created to examine cinematic spaces and to take director’s spatial language to her own architectural understanding. Ilieva’s original works have found a huge following amongst the film world, production designer Eugenio Caballero recently purchased her painting of the iconic home in Alfonso Cuaron's, Roma, which Caballero designed.  

The painstaking process involves Ilieva rewinding, pausing, playing, rewinding, pausing, and playing films on loops so that she can include every single detail. Ilieva calls this process, “detective work” and says that it is, "my favourite part—I like it better than the painting itself!” If she can’t pin down a 100 percent accurate rendering of a home, she’ll fill in the gaps using clues from other parts of the scenery, along with a dose of her own imagination. To capture Lydia Tár’s work studio, for instance, Ilieva had to get a bit inventive with her research. “It was very difficult for me to figure out where one mirror was,” she says. “But I had a screenshot from the film of the mirror, and in the background, I could see a detail on the wall that I’d seen in another shot. That showed me where the mirror was, exactly where it needs to be: opposite the entrance door.”

Her next painting? Ilieva has started work on illustrating the 'Dream Home' from the forthcoming Barbie movie. Her original works are available to purchase over at her website and you can also join Floor Plan Croissant's Patreon to receive monthly postcards of exceptional homes from films.